Kids Menu

Kids Menu $6.50

12 and Under, Please

1. Thai Style Scrambled Egg

with Veggies or Ground chicken over Rice

(Gluten Free)

2. Thai Chicken and Rice

with hearty Chicken broth soup and a side of Sweet Soy sauce

(Gluten Free)

3. Stir Fried Noodles

with Veggies, Tofu or Chicken, with Carrot and Broccoli in light Soy sauce.

(Gluten Free)

4. Thai Fried Rice

with Veggies, Tofu or Chicken with Egg, Tomato and Onions

(Gluten Free)

5. Grilled Thai BBQ Chicken Skewers (2 pcs)

with a side of Sticky Rice

(Gluten Free)

6. Ben’s Rice Noodle Soup

with Tofu, Veggies or Ground Chicken

Rice Noodles in a Veggie Broth with Carrot and Broccoli

(Gluten Free)